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Unified Caring Association

UCA is an association dedicated to helping people have a life that is filled with more caring and happiness. We are committed to increasing emotional awareness through sharing information, inspirational materials and programs. We also provide health tips, savings for every day needs from our member e-shop and discounted merchandise from our store.

As an added note, the association is devoted to helping those who cannot speak for themselves. We call our program the ACE program for Animals, Children and Elderly. We partner with nonprofits that rescue, save and support these three entities.

We are so pleased to offer you a wonderful selection of Free downloadable manuals and teachings. Come join us!
Jan 21 '13

6 #BreathingExercises to #Relax in 10 Minutes or Less

#meditation #meditationtechniques

Over-worked, under-slept, and feeling the pressure like whoa? There are plenty of ways to find calm — without investing in a four-hand spa massage. Turns out, all we need is a pair of healthy(ish) lungs, our breath, and 10 minutes or less. Here are six expert-approved ways to relax using breathing techniques borrowed from yoga, meditation, and even the therapist’s chair…..

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