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Unified Caring Association

UCA is an association dedicated to helping people have a life that is filled with more caring and happiness. We are committed to increasing emotional awareness through sharing information, inspirational materials and programs. We also provide health tips, savings for every day needs from our member e-shop and discounted merchandise from our store.

As an added note, the association is devoted to helping those who cannot speak for themselves. We call our program the ACE program for Animals, Children and Elderly. We partner with nonprofits that rescue, save and support these three entities.

We are so pleased to offer you a wonderful selection of Free downloadable manuals and teachings. Come join us!
May 31 '12

Welcome to the UCA

Through our continued work to help ourselves and our planet, we birthed a new name.   We are now called Unified Caring Association (UCA). We are an association that cares and shares.

Our mission is exactly what it implies. Because we live in a world that is so desensitized, we promote caring in every way we can.   We are aware that health and well-being are an issue, therefore we supply tools and programs that nourish the body, mind, heart and soul. We feel a healthy mind promotes a healthy body so we have daily positive news fed from around the world. We know money is also a sensitive issue, therefore we provide online savings at thousands of national retailers through our Member eShop.  If you purchased a membership that provides insurance and expanded savings related benefits, you can continue to access all of these materials through your UCA login at .

UCA is also dedicated to making a difference in the world by trying to balance the scales of injustice. We have joined a program called “ACE” - Animals, Children, Elders - as a way to help protect the innocents through chosen charities.  Again, you can learn more about this worthwhile work on your membership website.

Thank you for your continued support in this association.  Together, through each one of us becoming healthier and happier, we truly can make a difference in our world.